Monday, February 9, 2015

Time travel.

Strange things have been happening in this circus of life, since I have allowed my peaceful imagination to reverse the orders, and began re-examining what has been the foundation of this primitive human society, focused on duality, borders and wars, prior to this advance mean of communication in this unified unreal border-less world of cyberspace; where in the name of love and peaceful conducts, all acts are holy.

September 23 1996, about a year after my initial introduction to Zorak the loving alien, was a significant turning point in my life when I chose to take the initial step in my personal transformation, and liberate myself from being an obedient victim of the social standards set by the perennial philosophy. And while every member of my tribe were fasting and begging for God's mercy to save their souls, forgive their sins, and grant them another year in the book of life; I decided against the tradition and had the best meal my money could buy, at 2:00 pm.
I was uncomfortable and even a bit shaky as I entered my favorite Persian restaurant in West LA. My life flashing before my eyes, I was distressed with the biggest question in my mind: "What is this God of Abraham doing with his creation?"
Nothing made sense about the authority of this creation and the purpose of existence, as it has been perceived by the lesser intelligence of the nomadic consciousness of ancient men and their laws any longer.  
This following painting is the production of that chaotic confusion, birthing a new order which has remained intact with me over the last two decades.

Eve & Adam 20" x 16" Oil on canvas

To be continued, ...