Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Happiness is the path.

The Journal of Peaceful Anarchy
11, 11, 2007

Scientists searching for the origin of Biotech-Hybrids are stunned by new discoveries!
"It is shocking to discover that our ancestors just a few eons ago were gender-oriented and bred like mammals," Zorak announced today in an interview with The Journal of Peaceful Anarchy. "Furthermore, they carried many different diseases and malfunctioning genes to the next generation. It is also astonishing to know that most breeders were not qualified for raising their offsprings."

The Center for Biotech Programming has discovered that aggressive delusional human behavior was a result of worshipping a primitive imaginary entity that gave birth to the idea of The Devil.
A dysfunctional human society actually blamed its faults and disabilities to The Devil.
These devastating discoveries were announced today after finding a copy of an ancient document called Genesis.

These new discoveries could be a clue in helping to find the origin of the Biotech-Hybrid, as well as the disappearance of the species known as homo sapiens.

The above report is a copy of original authentic document dated 11, 11, 2007

Kissing Rocks. Anza Borrego, CA. 02, 11, 2011

The following is an advance communication. It alludes to a magical collaboration between terrestrial and extraterrestrial intelligence travelers visiting the seventh planet of the Solar System in the milky way galaxy, The Earth aka Urantia.

Into the light, we go. 
Outside of the stagnated squares or reality in the third dimension; upward and forward toward the spiral of motion and continuation in the unreal world of imagination in the fifth dimension.

This Magical experience is an autonomous liberating illusion, dispensable of any approval from delusional authorities whereby justifications are the sole proprieties for their survival.

This is a multidimensional collaboration, fabricating a new structure in a futuristic architecture.
All existing idols of worship, created by the primitive men, birthing the perennial philosophy and its progression throughout human history prior to the information era, and the invention of AI are ideologically terminated, and pragmatically removed from the edifice.
They are transferred to Le Musee Des Dogmes where they will be put to rest in transparent showcases displaying The Dark, for the future terrestrial and extraterrestrial travelers visiting The Earth.

The so-called deities compiled fully of activated senses characterized as Gods and Goddesses are the light seen at the end of the deep and dark tunnels of imagination, conceived in creative consciousness. They are the reflection of the conditions in wish the unit has been experiencing its life on the planet. They might as well be inseparable from the organic mechanism in which the consciousness experiences its existence in the third dimension.
Recognition of the Self as a multidimensional observer alludes to the presence of the creative consciousness, summoned in an ecstatic state of mind, to the playground in of the residency in the fifth dimension as Magis, for entertainment purposes.

"It's been a blunder; I am not a god.
I am an extraterrestrial visiting the Earth. But if I were a God, I would have implemented a fully activated sense in my ultimate workmanship Adam, particularly for direct communication with the masters of my creation."

This world is not created for humans to accommodate senseless prayers in self-serving rhetoric, worshipping a God. My experience of existence in the fifth dimension would be utterly useless if I believed that there was a blueprint of my life saved in the archives of a diety's imagination. I would be nothing but a puppet. What wise God would create puppets? and what could be more exciting for an observer to witness the evolution?

Owning myself came with tremendous responsibility and discipline. It took courage to observe my Self in the Light. Wisdom to kick the Devil out, and strength to him out of the equation of this new Genesis LCDL in this new world of information whereby in the name of love and peaceful conducts all acts are holy.


I am here acting as The Magician in Le Club to display the beauties of a meaningful visitation to the seventh planet and express the ecstatic experience of my existence in the fifth dimension for entertainment purposes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When God was a woman

Dedicated to Visionary Women

"... and I was Alive in my Dream.

And my Monsoon decended upon the chaotic ocean of catastrophe. And I hovered above the waters where I found myself in the catastrophic ocean of chaos and order.

And I said; let there be light, ... and there was light shining from my Monsoon, charted to the calm and clear waters where magnificent epiphany illustrated a narrative in a lontic cavort.

And I paddled smoothly to the tranquil wayside in a peaceful firmament, where I was awakened by Gestures acting as an agent of change to illuminate the darkness; revering the union of The Yin and The Yang in assimilation & emancipation to exalt the omnipotent & omnipresent in Singularity, assisting in dissolving the disillusionment of separation and permanace."

Legerdemain, 11.18.15

Ole' series.  Isis striking a pose in Le cirque de la vie

As Merlin Stone writes in her Sci-Fi fantasy story; When God Was a Woman

"In the beginning there was Isis Oldest of the Old.
She was the Goddess from whom all Becoming Arose.
She was the Great Lady, mistress of the two lands of Egypt.
Mistress of Shelter, Mistress of Heaven, Mistress of the house of Life, Mistress of the word of God.
She was the Unique.
In all Her great and wonderful works, She was a wiser magician, and more excellent than any other God." Thebes, Egypt  Fourteenth century BC.

And if you asked me: "In the light of creative consciousness, entertain all, but never believe in any Science-Fiction fantasy story written or told to entice conclusion in creativity @ Le cirque de la vie."

To be continued; ecstatically, ...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Time travel.

Strange things have been happening in this circus of life, since I have allowed my peaceful imagination to reverse the orders, and began re-examining what has been the foundation of this primitive human society, focused on duality, borders and wars, prior to this advance mean of communication in this unified unreal border-less world of cyberspace; where in the name of love and peaceful conducts, all acts are holy.

September 23 1996, about a year after my initial introduction to Zorak the loving alien, was a significant turning point in my life when I chose to take the initial step in my personal transformation, and liberate myself from being an obedient victim of the social standards set by the perennial philosophy. And while every member of my tribe were fasting and begging for God's mercy to save their souls, forgive their sins, and grant them another year in the book of life; I decided against the tradition and had the best meal my money could buy, at 2:00 pm.
I was uncomfortable and even a bit shaky as I entered my favorite Persian restaurant in West LA. My life flashing before my eyes, I was distressed with the biggest question in my mind: "What is this God of Abraham doing with his creation?"
Nothing made sense about the authority of this creation and the purpose of existence, as it has been perceived by the lesser intelligence of the nomadic consciousness of ancient men and their laws any longer.  
This following painting is the production of that chaotic confusion, birthing a new order which has remained intact with me over the last two decades.

Eve & Adam 20" x 16" Oil on canvas

To be continued, ...