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Zorak, a true adventure.

Its been Twenty-four years since the initial contact with Zorak; the extraterrestrial traveler visiting The Earth.

We are here, now in a new world, updating the processor of creative consciousness in another advance forward, toward a Jump, which will bring us to the Chapter Nine.

Copyright TXu 737-149 December 26, 1995


Is our perception of reality and life the absolute truth?
In recent decades following the new age movement in the modern world, the concept and practice of self-realization, Trance-formation, actualization and other like subjects have become more popular, especially among the more creative sectors such as artists, musicians, writers, and actors. Accelerated communications, interpersonal exchanges of different philosophies & belief systems along with cultural & social standards can truly confuse us as to what is right, which is good; who is moral?
Most of us - at some point - ask these questions, but are persuaded by the society, media's standards and fears to suppress these curiosities. Unfortunately, ignoring these curiosities tends to be much easier than following our intuitive need in realizing their important effects in our spiritual growth and personal power.

Born in a Jewish family in Iran, though I was not raised in a religious home, the fundamentals of my belief system were Judaism. Although I was living in an Islamic country, I lived among Muslim, Armenian, Jewish, & Baha'i friends, which gave me a somewhat broad scope of different faiths. Possibilities seemed endless until there was an unexpected & shocking revolution: a revolution of fundamental extremists who wanted to roll the country and its people back to the dark ages! “How could this happen?” I thought. Escaping to the United States following the revolution, I had to make a rather important life decision. The easy way out was to be ignorant and just live within the limits of the Persian ghettos. The better choice was to embrace the changes and grow. Go back to school, learn to think and speak in English and write from left to right, change the roots of my social, cultural and moral values and differences; basically to become an American. After all, America was a big dream for most of us younger Iranians.
Now I was being exposed to Christianity as well as Islam & Judaism. Terrified by the Islamic revolution and the state of the world in general, I couldn't understand how so many lives could be destroyed throughout history in the name of religion and God. I realized that each branch of the perennial philosophies has its own perception of reality and meaning of life. The main commonality between them is the existence of the great unseen force that is incredibly powerful yet inconsistent. According to these philosophies, this unseen force represents the ultimate power that introduced himself to Moses as "Existence that is existence" or "I am that I am." It is the creator and the destructor. It is merciful and loving in one sentence, revengeful in the next. From one story to another, this force changes "his" existence so drastically and dramatically that it is puzzling. I found myself confused and became skeptical of these philosophies and some of the stories of the supernatural powers of their great masters such as Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. Fortunately, soon thereafter I came to experience the Altered States of Consciousness which helped me realize what is right, which is good & who is moral?
In fact, the truth is that there is an unseen force at play. Subsequently, it is up to each being to fathom the changeable and powerful characteristics of it. I had to go beyond all my previous life experience and view life and reality outside the boundaries of myself.
Utilizing altered states of consciousness; I realized what I was looking for was not rational, but rather derived from intuition, creativity, and imagination: feelings expressed as thought patterns that trigger other feelings. These thought patterns are not filtered through emotions; thus, they are free of judgment, fear, guilt and primarily free of limitations. Nevertheless, the fear of being judged by those whom I believed to be authorities had manifested itself into what we call the devil, thus leaving me to the most critical realization: "This personified manifestation known as the devil is not so much a being as it is a conceptual belief6. This belief is what stops us from understanding the meaning of God, "I am that I am."

/ have been told: "darkness is the result of the absence of light."
I would prefer to believe: "darkness is the disability to see light, as my eyes can only see the reflection of light."


Chapter Nine alludes to the ecstatic state of mind where the adventure has originally been initiated in.


I met Kamran in October of 1994 at a cultural event celebrating "Mehregan' (the day of empathy) in one of the most prestigious hotels of Southern California. The ballroom was decorated with charcoal chair covers embellished by ruby bows and matching tablecloths. Tall burgundy-candles burning in silver candelabras were surrounded by fresh pomegranates to form the centerpieces. Pomegranate trees in large concrete containers proudly exhibited their enormous fruits enhanced by hundreds of blinking lights and were perfectly arranged in between the tables. The trees were lined up to create several pathways throughout the ballroom interweaving around the tables. From the effects of the blinking lights and burning candles, one could easily imagine being in a mystical forest. However, the enigmatic setting was more likely to be identified as a satanic cult rather than a loving ceremony. I walked into the ballroom, took my seat and started reading the program. I was halfway through when a sudden jolt crumbled my state of mind and I immediately thought another earthquake! Lifting my head, I did not see any movements in the trees or the candelabras, but there it was again another jolt. That's when I noticed a young woman standing behind me trying to pull out the chair next to mine and dragging my chair with it. Totally ignorant, she yanked the chair more vigorously that resulted in pulling mine another couple of inches. Finally, she noticed me looking at her. She gave up and walked around the table where a young man offered his seat to this female warrior. Then he walked towards the tangled chair, pushed it in and gently brought it back, sat next to me and said:
"I apologize. She is my sister: a typical airhead." He wore a sarcastic smile, looking at his sister as he finished his sentence. He continued: "She is not trying to be rude."
"That's okay. I wouldn't let this degrade my day. Just enjoy yourself." I answered delightfully.
"Spooky, isn't it?" He asked as he was tapping his fingers on the table.
"I agree! Certainly deceiving, definitely confusing!" I responded calmly. Suddenly the chattering sound of the audience was upset by a sharp and loud echo from the microphone. Looking for an opportunity to protest, the young man declared,
"Unprofessional too! Unbelievable." He arrogantly continued, "Anarchy, how does one enjoy himself in such a place? They are all hypocrites. I never wanted to be here in the first place. I was forced to attend this event. These people are possessed by some useless ancient traditions, it's repelling! Some three thousand years ago a self- centered narcissistic king suddenly decided to be courteous of his people for a day...big deal! Who cares?"
I did not know why he was so upset. Clenching his jaws, he continued: "We are all victims of a crime never committed. Living in one of the most advanced cities in the world it is beyond my understanding why we follow some outdated ceremonies
Looking at his hopeless expression, I decided to uplift his spirit. I added sympathetically:
"And unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way."
"Exactly. I have been trying to convince them out of their serf-guarded prison. We are all lost in between two worlds. To be honest with you, I don't think I belong here, and surely I don't enjoy myself. But there seems to be no way out!" He moaned while tapping on the table.
"Hmm!" I pretended to be thinking about all that he had said.
"Maybe you want to go to the beach for a while and come back when this is almost over?"
"No, not a beach fan either." He complained.
"How about the mountains?" I asked.
"Not at all," he answered.
So I pretended to be thinking about a better solution and excitedly implied: "I have a great idea for you."
"Yes, really! But you must pay full attention to what I have to tell you.
He stopped tapping on the table and carefully listened to my suggestion. As I started sharing the idea with him, I noticed the tension building up on his face. When I was done with my sentence the young man took a deep breath causing a sound like a snore. His jaw clenched, he almost choked before managing to get up and leave. About a half hour later he was back at the table with another glass of wine smelling like a cigarette. I looked at him and smiled.
"That was not funny at all." He protested.
"Nope, wasn't meant to be."
"Are you an exhibitionist?"
"No," I answered bluntly. He seemed to be confused about my answer and didn't know what to think of this strange idea. He had a new subject to keep his mind busy.
"So why did you tell me to get naked and look at myself?" He asked.
"That was not what I said!" I answered calmly. “I remember exactly what I said, and I'll say it again. But this time, pay attention to what I say and not what you like to hear. I said; ‘you should go home, stand in front of a full-length mirror, look at yourself and enjoy what you see. Being naked would definitely intensify the effect but a bit risky as it could become addictive.’ I also suggest you take caution since addictions of this sort are not as maintainable as smoking.”
He was very curious, but the horror of self-confrontation and his, lack of self-confidence mingled with uncertainty about my sanity had put him in a state of confusion and shock. He became still and silent until the first speaker was called to the panel when he simply got up and walked away. He came back in 20 minutes and continued the conversation.
"Seems like I can not get this idea of yours out of my head and it is bothering the hell out of me. However, I must say there is a problem with your idea, I wouldn't enjoy looking at myself."
"Really?" I sympathetically replied. "That's a problem, and a major one." I continued, "You must practice enjoying yourself or you will never enjoy life. I strongly suggest you take your clothes off, stand in front of a mirror and stare at yourself. Take your time. Try to observe some positive elements in what you see and enjoy them. Obviously, you recognize the negatives, know them very well and don't need to study them."
He picked up the wine glass, took a sip and said: "I've got to think about this!"
"No!" I strongly demanded. "Absolutely not!" I firmly continued. " You have to act upon it, experience it, better yet, live with it. This could assist 'you' in breaking free from 'your' self-guarded prison."
"I am free, it is them who need help." He remarked at the crowd.
"No," I said bluntly. "Think about it.” I got up to leave.
"Are you leaving?" The young man asked anxiously.
"Yes. I am Shahram and hope to see you again." I offered him a handshake.
"Kamran here. I am sure we will." He replied.

"Change is the principle of existence.
Resisting change is resisting existence.
Be wise, change productively and advance
your existence."



Spring brings the most important holiday in Persia's history. The first day of spring is the beginning of the Persian calendar year and celebrated as New Year's Day. The celebration continues for thirteen days, and the thirteenth day is spent in nature welcoming springtime. Traditionally, like many other cultures, the number thirteen is associated with demons. Passing this day joyfully is believed to keep the demons away for the rest of the year. However, traditions sometimes change for the sake of convenience, and here in Southern California, this special day is replaced by the second Sunday of the new year, changing the true symbolic value of the day. It was halfway through this day at a park in Irvine that I met Kamran for the second time.
"Aha, I thought I might see you today!" He shouted when he noticed me.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" I smiled and asked peacefully.
"With or without my clothes?" He asked sarcastically as he continued; "Looking at my reflection in the mirror is totally different from seeing myself, however. I still don't enjoy my life. It's aggravating looking at this crowd preserving the wrong date. Such is the rest of this phony culture that I have no respect for. Especially since I feel I'm always being criticized by a bunch of hypocrites. Seems like I am sentenced to live according to this pretentious society's standards. I cannot enjoy my life with or without my clothes on,” he complained. 
"Wow! I am surprised. Well done!" I replied.
Kamran gazed at me for a few seconds wondering if my statement was over. He seemed disappointed at my reaction but soon asked:
"Is that all you have to say?"
"Yes." I firmly answered.
"Do you see the problem with your suggestion?" He asked almost shouting.
"No, it's invisible," I immediately answered. He did not find my answer funny.
"The fact that these people are so hung up and proud of the past indicates their laziness in learning. They ignore the present and the future. They don't consider the fact that the past was valuable because - at the time - it was the present. Therefore, the present shall be more valuable than the past, whether they like it or not." Kamran seemed almost furious now. "My life is a battlefield of the two cultures. No matter what I do or say I am wrong according to one standard or the other." He protested as if he had been found guilty of a crime he had never committed.
"It can't be all that bad Kamran. Look at the bright side, you have the right views on this matter." I replied.
"Yeah, yeah, I know! First right in twenty years and perhaps the last."
Agitated and disturbed, he resembled a hopeless homeless man who is trying to get used to the conditions of his life as he continued.
"I see no reason to follow my parent's culture. I'd rather look up to the future than live in the past. Let me put it this way, according to their philosophy we should destroy our cars and start riding horses 'the old fashion way.’ It's our history, our culture, and it is stupid. History is there to inform us, not to be relived. It's already happened, it's gone, and it's history."
"Guess what, Kamran? You are right again. I am starting to doubt your pessimistic perspectives," I said.
Once again he gazed right into my eyes, slowly moved his head to the right and soon shouted:
"You can't possibly be serious! How could you not see the problem?"
"I am very serious, and there is no problem," I answered calmly. "You have difficulty loving yourself. I believe you think too much. I'd suggest you start to feel more and think less. Love yourself more and analyze yourself less."
"I am disappointed. I don't think you are who I thought you were, but then again I was wrong as usual!" Kamran claimed and continued.
"As an atheist scientist, I've learned to analyze myself and my environment. Loving myself has nothing to do with these problems."
"As a spiritual philosopher, I agree that - for an atheist – a scientist’s life could be quite disappointing," I claimed.
"You start talking about love, light, God, and you'll become history" Kamran laughed hysterically.
"No problem! Let's talk about hate, darkness and the Devil." I suggested.
"Great. Everyone hates me. They are all blinded by the darkness of some old vain culture, and they are Evil." Kamran declared proudly.
"If I remember correctly, they all think you are crazy, which in reality makes you a loving person, an enlightened intellectual as well as Godly!" I explained.
"You are crazy, also." Kamran laughed hysterically.
"Perhaps we are all crazy, but unaware of it! Think about that, too." I moved toward him so I could whisper in his ears and cautiously said, "A little hocus-pocus could be very helpful!" Nodding to confirm my suggestion, "I would strongly recommend it."
"What do you mean?" Kamran whispered back.
"I mean exactly what I said. Hocus Pocus, magic, abracadabra, adji madji la taraji, or any other word you want to use to describe it."
Kamran moved a few steps back while gazing at me. He reluctantly asked: "Who are you?"
"Shahram," I answered.
"I know that, but who are you as a subject rather than a noun? Are you a conjurer?" Kamran asked with dread.
"Well, I prefer a wizard or a shaman," I answered.
"You can't be serious! That is terrible. You mean to tell me you are into magic?"
"Yes," I replied calmly. The man looked at me as if he was totally confused and horrified. I handed him my card and laughingly continued:
"I must go now, but feel free to call me anytime."

My majesty, the authority of your creator;
let there be no limit to the creativity of your co-creators.



It was mid-June when I received a call from Kamran to meet for lunch. When I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed him sitting at the outdoor section smoking a cigarette. The drink in front of him seemed to be a Bloody Mary. I sat myself down and sarcastically asked, "Are you enjoying yourself?"
"Not yet," he answered in the same manner. He seemed restless as he continuously moved around the seat, trying to find a comfortable position which seemed to be an impossible task.
"Stop moving," I commanded strongly. “Or I would be forced to use some magic,” I continued seriously.
"You know. Magic. Adji Madji La Tarraji."
"Haha. Really!?" He laughed.
"Yes really. In fact, I have prepared myself for it." I replied.
"Show me. This I have to see to believe." Kamran said.
I picked up my knife, put it in the glass of water, reached into my pocket and brought out a few small folded pieces of paper. One contained dried green food coloring, one had some starch in it, the third one was plain salt and I also had a black feather wrapped in the last one. As I placed them all on the table, Kamran became still.
"Are you joking?” he asked curiously.
"No. Are you scared?" I asked.
"Ha, ha. I don't believe in this Adji Madji La Tarraji,” he replied.
I ignored what he said and started pouring the salt into the water.
"First you put the sacred salt in, and you stir well. Then you add the magical green dust and again, you stir very well. Now comes the fun part. The natural essence of...Ummm...! How can I put it ... Well, let's say this was a living thing at one point. Then you stir again and at last, the black feather." I calmly explained. Kamran moved forward, rested both elbows on the table and gestured to me to get closer. Then he clapped his hand together, rested his head on top of them, staring at me as I was stirring the mixture he anxiously asked, "What the hell is going on here?"
"What does it look like?" I asked quietly. I continued. "Obviously, I am stirring my magical potion."
"You expect me to believe that?" Kamran asked quietly.
"Magic, my friend. You need some Abracadabra, Adji Madji La Tarraji in your life," I seriously replied, looking directly into his eyes.
"You are crazy if you think I would drink this shit!"
"Drink it? No way! I will sprinkle a little of the potion on your left palm, and you just rub your hands together. That's all. I guarantee the positive results myself."
Kamran was totally shocked and awfully disturbed. The poor guy moved back leaning against his chair, he crossed his arms and said: "Jesus Christ! I can't believe this is happening."
"How can you not believe what you see?" I replied quickly.
"You need help. I think you are out of your fucking mind." He laughed hysterically.
"Yes, I can always use the help. And yes, I am out of my fucking mind; and you need some magic in your life," I laughed with him.
"You are serious about magic, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am."
"Why?" He asked curiously.
"Because it exists, and it works."
"I don't believe in it," Kamran claimed.
"You also do not believe this is happening. Tell me, my friend, what is it that you believe in?" I continued, "You may feel uncomfortable with the title, but it is only a word. Words do not have true meanings unless you give them one or believe in the meanings given to them by others. You may want to do some thinking before believing in your belief."
"So, is there such a thing as magic or not?" Kamran asked clearly.
"Certainly there is! If you are interested, I can help you acquire the knowledge contingent on your vow to practice it daily," I strongly replied.
"How?" He asked.
"It is very simple. The most important part of Magic is for you to realize that words have no importance unless you give them one. Then there is unordinary state of consciousness. Any suggestion given in an unordinary state of consciousness remains in the subconscious," I explained.
"What is so magical about this?"
"There is nothing magical about it. It is magic." I said.
"I need to think about this!" Kamran attested.
"Think about it. Also, notice how it makes you feel?" I suggested and continued, "Kamran, are you enjoying yourself?"
"Stop that. Something is missing, and since I have no clue as what that thing is, I would not be able to detect it."
"I know clearly what is missing," I said.
"You can shock me or disappoint me, but don't dumbfound me." He demanded. "Ha, ha, shock me. It might as well be disappointing." He laughed.
"Not so fast. Let's talk about creativity." I said.
"I am not a talented guy, therefore I don't know much about the subject."
"Don't be so sure. Do you drive?"
"Yes, why?" Kamran asked curiously.
"Then you are a very talented man. It is much more difficult to drive on a highway than it is to create. I'm now going to illustrate talent in a totally different way than you've ever perceived it! For example, let's say you get a vision of a painting in your mind. You purchase a painting similar to your vision and give that artist a lot of credit for having such vision, but then you're interpreting that painter's creation into what you perceive it to be. You'll view the ownership of that piece of art as your personal accomplishment. In other words, you are giving yourself credit for possession of someone else's creation. However, you can awaken your own creativity and materialize your own vision. I suggest you eliminate all presupposed titles or you'll be limiting yourself to someone else's perception of their meanings. The trick is to learn and use a new expressive pattern of communication over the old impressive ones. You will enjoy yourself as an objective expressive being rather than a subjective impressive one. This is the true meaning of creativity."

The mind evolves as it learns.
Emotion changes according to the mental learning, but the way we feel will always remain the same.
We either feel or not. 



Two weeks later, I received another call from Kamran.
"Hi, Shahram. I have been thinking about magic. It's making me feel good. I must be out of my fucking mind!" He laughed sarcastically and continued; "Adji Madji La Tarraji. Now what?"
We arranged a meeting in my office to practice Adji Madji. Kamran entered a totally unexpected environment. He walked to the reclining chair and got comfortable in it. He was gazing around the room making sure everything was real. He seemed to be in control as he turned the chair to a reclining position and said:
"I was expecting a spooky enigmatic environment. This is totally the opposite. How do you maintain all these plants? It is inspiring, peaceful and relaxing. I could use a margarita!" He laughed.
"I promise your experience will override the use of any substance you have ever used to alter your state of consciousness."
"O.K. Whatever! What do I do now?" Kamran asked.
"Literally nothing. Just breath deeply and harmoniously. To make your task easier I am going to count and you breathe accordingly. Is that okay with you?"
"I guess! After all, it is just breathing. I have thirty-four years of practice." He laughed. Soon, he was relaxed and started responding to my directions.
"Kamran, you are free to be in your own world. When you realize your freedom, share your experience with me, please."
"I feel relaxed. That is all I have to say right now."
"And you are free, free to feel beyond being relaxed," I suggested.
"We take too many unnecessary short breaths," he peacefully replied. Then shortly after he continued.
"I love the Caribbean, particularly their music."
"Tell me how do you feel Kamran?" I asked gently.
"This is life. Carefree." He whispered.
"I need to know how you are feeling, Kamran." I persisted.
"Feeling? Ummm... Feeling peaceful! But separated."
"Separated from what?"
"From the band, the group. I like to get closer to them."
"Then do so. Get closer." I suggested.
"I already have! They are dancing.... I am not one of them ... though I would like to be ... there is an aircraft ... waiting for me. Evidently, I must board the aircraft.... wow, I am entering the aircraft.... no one is inside, not even a pilot. Oh no.... I am in the army back in Iran. I am working on the appliances. I must run upstairs and get some extra tools. Someone is calling me.... oh no, they’re back to arrest me.... Two generals in a Jeep parked outside the gate.... they're calling my name; ‘Get down here, you defect! You deceiving little spy! .... it's all over.... this time you've gone too far. Your curiosity has caused us many problems.... this time you'll be put away for life.’
“I have to run.... escape.... I'll be a fugitive for as long as I live.... but wait.... this time I'll leave the country. Shit, they're shooting at me.... I can't believe this, coming back to this damn country was a big mistake.... I don't belong here and I must go back. I'll shoot back at them if I have to .... this is terrifying .... I'm running out of time. The Jeep! I'm going to shoot the guy, escape from the back door and get to the Jeep. I am in the Jeep driving towards the choppers .... I will cross the border shortly and be free .... I can see the mountains ....the borderline. There is a shiny object on the peak of a mountain, looks metallic or maybe glass. I am getting closer to it.... now I can see it clearly, it is an aircraft....the same one as in the Caribbean .... Strange! .... How did it get there? .... Shit, I see two fighters approaching .... I must land before they take me down. Seems impossible ... .all peaks .... Wait, something is happening .... I see fireworks .... no, not fireworks but one of the fighters is down and the other one is leaving .... Idiots, they are real idiots ... I must land before he is back .... All peaks, I don't know what to do. I am going toward the aircraft. The pilot is trying to talk to me .... I can't hear him but somehow I can communicate with him. He is telling me to get closer to the ground and jump out and let the chopper crash. I will do exactly as he said .... smart move.
“Ah! I hurt my feet.... I am going towards the pilot ....very strange, I can see the aircraft ... it is on a smooth surface ... a laser cut surface ... I see the pilot sitting on the ground next to a strange instrument .... what a strange place! I feel safe here ... I am walking towards the pilot ... He is talking to me but he is not moving his lips. ‘Go, leave this place,’ he commands.”
"Why?" I ask.
‘Well, might be too late now that we have met. I guess you are glad to be here. huh!?’
He asks, without moving his lips. He is offering me something .... looks like a cotton ball .... maybe it is marshmallow!
‘Have some. I know you are hungry,’ he says.
"Wow! Tastes strange. What is it?"
‘What difference does it make?’
"Your answer is strange -- so are you and this place! What are you doing here?”
‘Been here for a few thousand years,’ he says.
I am analyzing him ... he must be an android.
‘I know your feet hurt, let me take care of them.’
‘What difference does it make? All that matters is your well being. Now that we have met, everything is changed and your wellness has become my priority. Tell me how did you find me?’
“I noticed the reflection of the sun on your aircraft.”
‘But the sun does not shine here!’ the pilot says.
Hmm, he is right about that... I can't say if it is dawn or dusk.
‘Perhaps I am in your mind! I have been a fugitive also,’ he says.
“Whom are you running from?” I ask.
‘What difference does it make? I don't think the human race will ever vanish. You can't understand that, can you?’
“Not at all.”
I am still analyzing him ...he must be an E.T.
‘Well, let me put it this way; when the human race advances, they will know that the three-dimensional reality is a perception of an illusion, but so far, you are totally elemental. When matter transforms into energy, you perceive it as imagination.
“I don't understand!” I tell him.
‘Yes, you do. Unfortunately, you are unaware of your own understanding.’
“What a strange creature you are! Maybe you have been here long enough to lose your mind?”
‘Yes, but you have not even found your own mind yet. You are very lucky,’ he says.
I wonder how he is communicating with me?
‘Just as I said, you are primitive. Not in three-dimensional reality, consider me as a figment of your imagination. Hah .... and you think you are a mastermind ....funny!’
He is being sarcastic. He wants me to follow him. I must see something. I am walking behind him ...I can feel the back of his scalp ...very soft ...just like baby's skin!
‘What difference does it make? The important matter is that you must go and see!’
He is pointing to a screen ... I feel like I am melting into the screen. I wonder if I will see him again!
‘It's a strange world! Not to worry,’ the pilot says.
“Am I dreaming?”
‘What difference does it make? Dream or awake, space-time reality, they don't have a true meaning. Go and see for yourself,’ he says.
I am in a forest. I can't tell whether it is dawn or dusk. It is cold and foggy, but it is not winter .... I am alone .... frightened. I wish the pilot were here .... Aahhh .... Good, I see him now .... I feel safe. He is pointing to a group of people.
‘See those people. They truly have nothing, but within their love, they could have had everything. They are primitive.’
I don't know what this strange being is talking about? ... I see the people ... they seem wealthy ... they are all in long winter clothes, but it is not winter ... the forest is green.
‘Go, get closer,’ the strange man says.
Oh, no! I can see them clearly, they are dirty and smell very bad ... some are really greasy, some are ill and infected ... they are all walking toward a narrow path.
“Where are they going?” I ask the strange being.
‘What difference does it make where they are going to? What matters is that they have nothing, but only if they could feel, they could have had everything. This is where you come from. Call me Zorak.’
Maybe Zorak is talking about my previous life?
‘Maybe, maybe not! What difference does it make? Such a primitive perception. The human race is always looking for conclusions and destinations,’ he says.
“Where do you come from and why do you call me primitive?”
‘Well... Let's say I come from where you call Heaven. And your perceptions are primitive,’ Zorak insists.
“Where is Heaven? I’d like to know!”
‘It is a reality created by your primitive perception called Heaven ... .it is man-made and, yes, there are Aliens. We, the Aliens, are what you human beings call imagination. We are you in the future. Your continuation. In fact, we are Matter that has transformed into energy,’ Zorak says.
I think he can read my minds!
‘Let me put it this way; Heaven is made by your free will directed by feelings. For the ancient people you are, Aliens and I don't read minds. I just feel other life forms feelings.’ Zorak says.
“Why did we meet in the first place?”
‘Because you asked for it. This was the best way for us to meet.’
“I don't understand! What is happening here?” I ask Zorak.
‘Look at the world these people live in. Their society perceives them as advanced. You are looking for answers but they never did. Follow your heart as you did when you left your country. You will find your answer,’ he says.
I think Zorak consists of nothing but concentrated energy.
‘You are becoming aware of your understanding. Don't forget that you are just a drop in the ocean,’ he says.
Another strange answer. I don't think he is real!
‘Reality is only a game. We must go now,’ he says.
“Where to?” I ask.
What difference does it make?’
Wow, he is transforming into a blue light. I feel like I am being pulled away from here. Everything is fading, almost nearly gone. He is helping me to find the truth. I can't see anything anymore. Darkness is everywhere. It feels strange!"
Kamran opened his eyes, looked at me and asked:
"What was that all about?"
"Only you have the answer," I replied.
"I like this Zorak character haha. The truth is, we are living in the future observing our past and laughing about it. Truth is the truth and that's all it will always be. It is nothing. But then again, it is everything."

Freedom has no choice.
Once you choose, you lose your freedom.
Freedom is feeling without emotion, it means Love, in all directions.
Freedom is expression without explanation, it is expanding in every direction.
Freedom is the fertile ground that nurtures imagination. 



A week later, Kamran was in the chair sharing his Altered State experience with me.
"I see Zorak. Seems like we are in a war zone. I am frightened ... maybe it is Babylon!"
‘Maybe, maybe not. What difference does it make? What matters is for you to see how a simple problem can cause many complications,’ Zorak says.
I see a river dividing two cities. The city in the south appears to be wealthy and its’ civilians are intelligent. They are advanced and seem to be happy. The city on the north side is wild and seems to be more primitive. They would sacrifice their lives for what they believe in ...They are very traditional and avoid new knowledge. The two are always at war... I don't like this ... I don't know why I am here? ... Something is happening ... now I am in the northern city ... I am scared.
‘No need to be scared, just observe.’ Zorak says.
This is a very primitive city with old homes ... I see no people around ... there is a house on my left that seems to be abandoned ... I am going in. I feel tired and maybe I'll find a place to sleep ... I am in the courtyard. It's so filthy ... I am going to a room with a wide open door to find a place to rest ... I have a bad feeling about this. A car has just parked in front of the house ... Shit, military people ... they will find and kill me here. They are laughing loud ... they must be drunk. I have to hide ... they are coming in ... I'll wait till they fall asleep and then run away. I am hiding in the back of the jeep. They are coming out ...we are on the road ... I am terrified. Oh no, they have noticed my presence ... they've stopped the car and are shouting -- asking who I am and what I am doing here?
“I surrender, just don't kill me. My name is Kamran. I am sorry to be in your territory. Please help me get out of here.”
‘What is your religion? Say the Muslim prayer.’ They command.
They are mad but offering intelligent resolutions. I tell them I don't know why I am there -- besides I am totally frightened. How do they expect me to do such a thing?
‘Leave him alone,’ someone shouts. ‘Are you married?’ another one is asking.
‘Do you have any children?’ He shouts while he is laughing.
“No. Please don't torture me like this ... let me go. I promise I will never come back.”
‘Leave him alone,” the same guy shouts.
They are taking me to the teahouse to help me clean up. This is not a real war, they explain ... This is just another game ... all the weapons are old, junk and worthless. People think they are really fighting for their belief, but in fact, they are trading drugs for these junk weapons. It is all about the money and power.
It is all clear, now ...this is Zorak talking.
What were you running from?’ Zorak asks.
Kamran opened his eyes, looked at me and said:
"Zorak is a loving being."
"I am sure he is," I said.
"I wish he was a real person. You would have liked him," Kamran said peacefully.
"Who knows? Maybe I have already met him, and maybe someday you will meet him too?"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Nothing, I was just trying to be funny," I laughed.
"I have a revelation. The simplicity of our freedom is complicated by our fear and guilt. The greatest conflict of all times is lack of understanding of freedom."

Is that mysterious?
Be patient, wait for a while.
Is it still mysterious?
Be patient, wait for a while.
Yesterday's mystery is today's discovery which
Is tomorrow's memory.
Is it still a mystery?



Once again, we met. Kamran was curious about the unexplained phenomena.
"Do you believe in reading minds?" Kamran asked.
“I have my own explanation on this subject. Common sense and higher awareness combined with provocative personality will go far above and beyond the understanding of most people. Especially those who are under the spell of any organized religion. Manipulation will be much easier done through any organization, whether it be religious or cultural. I do not believe any of us can read minds, but we can easily learn how to mischief others into believing." I said. 
"You sound like an atheist now! You are confusing me," Kamran claimed.
"I believe we are all here as messengers of God in one way or another."
"Let's do the Adji Madji."
Soon Kamran started talking. "I am in a probe ... maybe made of glass ...everything is controlled by them."
"Who are they?" I asked.
"Who knows? ... the ugly people ... they are ugly people, the ones who abducted me ... they are giving me some kind of injection to help me forget ... I am looking out from very far away ... so strange ... I can see Kamran going on a trip in the school bus. The ugly people want me to see everything ... I see an ancient city ... archeologists are working there ... and there is the school bus. Kamran is going to trick everyone ... he must stay there ... that is what the ugly people are asking him to do ... Now they are asking me to see all that is happening there ... I am far, far away from the area but I can see clearly. Someone will be murdered there and I must witness the crime ... It's getting dark, but I still can see very well. This is very strange ... Kamran is alone on the site. He is going to sleep ... now it looks like dawn ... there is a jeep approaching ... two Generals and two women are in it. 
“The women are screaming ... fuck, the generals are raping the women ... seems like one of them is dead ... the ugly people want Kamran to see that ... Oh no, they are both dead ... Kamran is taking the license plate number ... Kamran is done and now he can go back home ... now he is in his bed at home ... he is telling his family what has happened ... no one believes him ... they call him stupid and ask him to get ready for school ... Now I see Kamran talking to a policeman ... he tells the policeman what happened and gives him the information ... .the ugly people are back ... they are going to keep Kamran for the next two days ... they are giving him the injection again ... Kamran is in his bed now... nobody is home ... his mom just walked in ... she was worried about him ... asking him where he has been, but Kamran does not remember ... everything is fading ... I am getting lost."
"What happened, Kamran?" I asked.
He looked at me and said, “Sorry, I need to go now, will call you soon!”

When you really hate someone, you truly love them.
What you hate most about others is what you love best about yourself but for some reason, you are unable to express it.



We met again, and soon enough, Kamran started:
"I am in South Carolina ... living with my two cousins in a small house ... everyone loves me, but I am very sad ... something is wrong with my stomach ... I am told I will die soon and have just been discharged from the Navy because of this problem ... that is why I am at home ... everyone is at school ... I just want to be alone ... I am going to walk into the woods and enjoy whatever is left of my life ... I don't want to die ... there is a nice spot by the pond under a big tree, I am sitting down ... .closing my eyes and thinking ... I'm falling asleep ... I hear something and opening my eyes ... it is a bird ... .I am going back home ... Now I am cooking dinner ... everyone is out ... I lay down on the couch to sleep ... there is a noise ... something is outside ... I am going out ... there is a big flash of light around the pond ... I am walking toward it ... shit .... the light is gone ... total darkness ... there it comes again ... very bright ... I can see very clearly. It smells like fish ... it may be my own sweat ... oh, yes, it's me ... I am soaking wet ... I can hear my heart beating slowly ... there is a woman ... she is talking to me.
“Who are you?” I ask her.
“A loving friend.”
“What is happening?”
“You have met a few strangers accidentally. They are related to your father.”
“I don't understand. What strangers?”
It feels like I am floating in a tube, but I am unable to move voluntarily. She is touching my forehead. She has very long fingers. Her skin looks very, very old. I can feel her energy. She is holding something in her hand ... She puts it on my stomach. “Ouch ....very painful,” I cry.
“It's over. Finished,” she says. She is pointing to a shiny round object. It is far, far away ... looks like a star ... I am getting closer to it ... Now I can see clearly ... Strange! It is the Earth ... I am in the woods by the pond again. There is a Native American standing by my side ... he looks friendly and has a pleasant smile ... he seems to be me. He is pointing at something ... it is a big rock ... red ... next time I see this rock, I will be remembering everything, he says.
When Kamran opened his eyes I asked him about the disease.
"Yes, I was discharged from the Navy because of stomach cancer, but somehow I lived. I never wanted to know how that happened, as long as I had no pain, I was happy.”

Our true identity is Human.
Racial, Cultural, Political, sexual preferences and Religious beliefs are not identification.
They are illusions of our consciousness captured in the Three Dimensional Reality, to represent endless possibilities.



Kamran was ready for another experience. He sat in the chair and soon started sharing his experience.
"I see Zorak ... he says we must go."
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“Who knows? Things change, and we have to be flexible. I am very happy for you. This is my homeland. Heaven as you know it,” Zorak says.
“But there is nothing here. I can't see anything ... it is getting hot ... it feels more like Hell than Heaven.” I complain. Someone is waiting for me … it is Native American... this is so strange! I am going toward him ... he has a loving character.
“You are very close,” he smiles as he is pointing to a cave, “ that is the right place.” He says.
I must go there ... now I am in the cave ... there are lots of people ... they are welcoming me ... they all know me ... know my name. I see Zorak and the old woman ... the ugly people too ... how strange ... they all seem to know each other ... they are very happy ... seems like a ceremony ... the native guy is introducing himself ... we are on top of a big red rock high above the ground ... “this is the promised land,” they all say ... one of the ugly people is coming towards me ... he seems to be important ... He claims to be my true father.
Kamran opened his eyes, stared at me and said, "I am done."

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Happiness is the path.

The Journal of Peaceful Anarchy
11, 11, 2007

Scientists searching for the origin of Biotech-Hybrids are stunned by new discoveries!
"It is shocking to discover that our ancestors just a few eons ago were gender-oriented and bred like mammals," Zorak announced today in an interview with The Journal of Peaceful Anarchy. "Furthermore, they carried many different diseases and malfunctioning genes to the next generation. It is also astonishing to know that most breeders were not qualified for raising their offsprings."

The Center for Biotech Programming has discovered that aggressive delusional human behavior was a result of worshipping a primitive imaginary entity that gave birth to the idea of The Devil.
A dysfunctional human society actually blamed its faults and disabilities to The Devil.
These devastating discoveries were announced today after finding a copy of an ancient document called Genesis.

These new discoveries could be a clue in helping to find the origin of the Biotech-Hybrid, as well as the disappearance of the species known as homo sapiens.

The above report is a copy of original authentic document dated 11, 11, 2007

Kissing Rocks. Anza Borrego, CA. 02, 11, 2011

The following is an advance communication. It alludes to a magical collaboration between terrestrial and extraterrestrial intelligence travelers visiting the seventh planet of the Solar System in the milky way galaxy, The Earth aka Urantia.

Into the light, we go. 
Outside of the stagnated squares or reality in the third dimension; upward and forward toward the spiral of motion and continuation in the unreal world of imagination in the fifth dimension.

This Magical experience is an autonomous liberating illusion, dispensable of any approval from delusional authorities whereby justifications are the sole proprieties for their survival.

This is a multidimensional collaboration, fabricating a new structure in a futuristic architecture.
All existing idols of worship, created by the primitive men, birthing the perennial philosophy and its progression throughout human history prior to the information era, and the invention of AI are ideologically terminated, and pragmatically removed from the edifice.
They are transferred to Le Musee Des Dogmes where they will be put to rest in transparent showcases displaying The Dark, for the future terrestrial and extraterrestrial travelers visiting The Earth.

The so-called deities compiled fully of activated senses characterized as Gods and Goddesses are the light seen at the end of the deep and dark tunnels of imagination, conceived in creative consciousness. They are the reflection of the conditions in wish the unit has been experiencing its life on the planet. They might as well be inseparable from the organic mechanism in which the consciousness experiences its existence in the third dimension.
Recognition of the Self as a multidimensional observer alludes to the presence of the creative consciousness, summoned in an ecstatic state of mind, to the playground in of the residency in the fifth dimension as Magis, for entertainment purposes.

"It's been a blunder; I am not a god.
I am an extraterrestrial visiting the Earth. But if I were a God, I would have implemented a fully activated sense in my ultimate workmanship Adam, particularly for direct communication with the masters of my creation."

This world is not created for humans to accommodate senseless prayers in self-serving rhetoric, worshipping a God. My experience of existence in the fifth dimension would be utterly useless if I believed that there was a blueprint of my life saved in the archives of a diety's imagination. I would be nothing but a puppet. What wise God would create puppets? and what could be more exciting for an observer to witness the evolution?

Owning myself came with tremendous responsibility and discipline. It took courage to observe my Self in the Light. Wisdom to kick the Devil out, and strength to him out of the equation of this new Genesis LCDL in this new world of information whereby in the name of love and peaceful conducts all acts are holy.


I am here acting as The Magician in Le Club to display the beauties of a meaningful visitation to the seventh planet and express the ecstatic experience of my existence in the fifth dimension for entertainment purposes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When God was a woman

Dedicated to Visionary Women

"... and I was Alive in my Dream.

And my Monsoon decended upon the chaotic ocean of catastrophe. And I hovered above the waters where I found myself in the catastrophic ocean of chaos and order.

And I said; let there be light, ... and there was light shining from my Monsoon, charted to the calm and clear waters where magnificent epiphany illustrated a narrative in a lontic cavort.

And I paddled smoothly to the tranquil wayside in a peaceful firmament, where I was awakened by Gestures acting as an agent of change to illuminate the darkness; revering the union of The Yin and The Yang in assimilation & emancipation to exalt the omnipotent & omnipresent in Singularity, assisting in dissolving the disillusionment of separation and permanace."

Legerdemain, 11.18.15

Ole' series.  Isis striking a pose in Le cirque de la vie

As Merlin Stone writes in her Sci-Fi fantasy story; When God Was a Woman

"In the beginning there was Isis Oldest of the Old.
She was the Goddess from whom all Becoming Arose.
She was the Great Lady, mistress of the two lands of Egypt.
Mistress of Shelter, Mistress of Heaven, Mistress of the house of Life, Mistress of the word of God.
She was the Unique.
In all Her great and wonderful works, She was a wiser magician, and more excellent than any other God." Thebes, Egypt  Fourteenth century BC.

And if you asked me: "In the light of creative consciousness, entertain all, but never believe in any Science-Fiction fantasy story written or told to entice conclusion in creativity @ Le cirque de la vie."

To be continued; ecstatically, ...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Time travel.

Strange things have been happening in this circus of life, since I have allowed my peaceful imagination to reverse the orders, and began re-examining what has been the foundation of this primitive human society, focused on duality, borders and wars, prior to this advance mean of communication in this unified unreal border-less world of cyberspace; where in the name of love and peaceful conducts, all acts are holy.

September 23 1996, about a year after my initial introduction to Zorak the loving alien, was a significant turning point in my life when I chose to take the initial step in my personal transformation, and liberate myself from being an obedient victim of the social standards set by the perennial philosophy. And while every member of my tribe were fasting and begging for God's mercy to save their souls, forgive their sins, and grant them another year in the book of life; I decided against the tradition and had the best meal my money could buy, at 2:00 pm.
I was uncomfortable and even a bit shaky as I entered my favorite Persian restaurant in West LA. My life flashing before my eyes, I was distressed with the biggest question in my mind: "What is this God of Abraham doing with his creation?"
Nothing made sense about the authority of this creation and the purpose of existence, as it has been perceived by the lesser intelligence of the nomadic consciousness of ancient men and their laws any longer.  
This following painting is the production of that chaotic confusion, birthing a new order which has remained intact with me over the last two decades.

Eve & Adam 20" x 16" Oil on canvas

To be continued, ...